This group or pair activity gives students the chance to use "not" while playing a guessing game.

Basic Info

Time: 10 mins
Level: Junior high, grade 1
Works with: I'm not ~.
Class size: small to large

You will need:

  • pieces of scrap paper (big enough to write a name on)


  1. In groups, students write their names on pieces of paper.
    The paper is shuffled and redistributed randomly.
    Make a circle.
  2. Each students must give one hint - "I'm not Yu."
    They must also make one guess "Are you Keita?"
  3. Continue until all students have been guessed.


  • This game can also be played in pairs. Rather than being someone from the group, students should be someone from the class (which may take a while) or someone from the han-group (or lunch group).


This game can be used to supplement Sunshine 1 Program 2-2 and allows students to use both target points of this lesson - "Are you ~?" and "I'm not ~." but in a slightly different format to the example in the textbook.

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