Who am I isn't really an activity more than it's a way to cap off a talking activity where students have been sharing information about themselves. Students need to recall what others have told them and they really have a lot of fun recognizing their classmates' from the information you give. Who am I?

The most recent time I used this activity was after (4th grade) students were asking each other "Do you like ~?" questions.

Each student had a worksheet starting with 4 things they liked. They then asked as many others as they could in 10 minutes if they liked the same things using "Do you like ~?" Afterwards, we looked at how many people liked similar things to us, then I collected all the worksheets. I read out the 4 things one student was asking about saying "I like ~." and students had to recall who was asking them those questions.

Students enjoyed it the most when someone had an original question to identify them easily and it ended the lesson really well.

Basic Info

Time: 5 mins (15 - 20 mins including worksheet time)
Level: Elementary, grade 4 - 6
Works with: Do you like ~?
Class size: Medium to large

You will need:

  • A worksheet.


The worksheet was very simple. A space for the students name at the top. Then a spreadsheet covering the whole page with top header boxes saying Name, Food, Animal, Color, Sports.


  1. Students walk around and talk to as many people as possible.
  2. Teacher collects worksheets from students.
  3. Teacher reads out identifying information then asks "Who am I?"
  4. Students recall who asked them those questions or who gave them that information.


  • This can work for different situations but before you try it, play it through in your mind. Make sure that the information students share will easily let them identify the "Who" at the end.


I have used this activity when teaching Lesson 4 from Hi, friends! 1.

It may not sound like much but students really enjoyed listening and recognizing who among their classmates the "Who" was from the information I was reading out.

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