This is an old party game, but it works well as a way to practice asking questions in the format "Am I ...?" for conversation classes as an easy to prepare for game or warm up.

Basic Info

Time: 10 minutes
Level: Medium to advanced
Works with: Am I, Do I grammar
Class size: 4 - 12

You will need:

  • Strips of paper for headbands - 5cm x 60cm (cutting two strips from an A4 size sheet of paper and taping them together with minimal overlap will fit most people's heads.
    Alternatively, tape cards to people's backs.
  • Tape, to fit the band to each persons head at the class.

Lesson Description

  1. Fit everyone's band so it can be put on their head easily.
  2. Everyone passes their band 2 to the right, so they can't easily see what the other person is writing.
  3. Everyone writes the name of someone famous and very easy to identify.
  4. One by one, have each person carefully take the headband and put it on the person's head 2 to their left (so each headband is put back on it's original head).
  5. Game on. Everyone must ask questions and try to figure out who they are. Questions can only be answered with yes or no


  • This game can be done all in one go, each person getting a turn to ask a question around the circle.
    You could set it up at the beginning of the class, and just let the game go throughout the class, where anyone can ask a question at any time, but to do so they must say "Excuse me" to interrupt the class, stand up and then ask their question (that may get annoying or it may be fun, depending on the class).


  • Figure out before you start if you want to allow famous Japanese personalities or just Western. Figure out which would be more suitable for your class.
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