Pace out the numbers (as you would write them) while the class watches and guesses the number being "drawn".

Basic Info

Time: 5 minutes
Level: Elementary grade 1 - 3
Works with: Studying numbers
Class size: Any size

You will need:

  • nothing

Activity Description

  1. Gather everyone to one side of a clear area, eg. the classroom or the gym or outside.
  2. One student stands in the middle of the clear area and traces out the shape of a number by walking the shape. (So if you were to draw a line on the floor where the student walks, you would end up with some number written on the floor.)
  3. Everyone calls out what they think the number is. The walker gives a "Yes, that's right!" or "No.." and walks again.

Repeat with new volunteers until you decide everyone has had enough.


  • Walk the number first yourself, to show the students how it works.
  • Get the class to ask "What number?" before the walker walks the number.


  • Try taking this game outside. Outside you can do it bigger and students can really yell out the numbers!
  • Rather than walking the numbers, put the students in pairs and write the numbers on each other's back with a finger. This is similar in concept to the back writing activity.


  • Very young students (first grade and kindergarten) may not yet be very confident writing numbers, so this game may be a challenge. Check with the class teacher first whether they can write numbers.

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