This is a lesson activity for the Junior High 3rd grade text book introduced in 2012. There is a part that deals with catching a train and asking for directions to catch a train somewhere. This activity gives the students a chance to have a go in a somewhat real world example.

Basic Info

Time: 10 - 20 minutes
Level: Junior high grade 3
Works with: Catching train language lesson
Class size: Small to Large

You will need:

  • Go here and download the London Underground map.
  • Print the map out spread over about 8 A4 pages. Adobe will do this for you nicely by printing with the poster mode. If you don't know how, ask a teacher.

Lesson Description

  1. Put the poster up on the board.
  2. Give the students the format for writing directions, such as "Take the next train and ________________ at __________. Take the _________________ (bound for _________ ) and get off at ___________. Fill the last space in yourself.
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