Touch a color is a no prep color drilling activity perfect for younger elementary classes with extra energy. Your students will be running around the class touching different colors and yelling out loud.

Basic Info

Time: 5 minutes
Level: Elementary grade 1 - 2
Works with: Studying colors
Class size: Any size

You will need:

  • nothing

Lesson Description

  1. Make sure the students are somewhat familiar with the colors (i.e. they are able to say and understand them).
  2. Demonstrate to them what the word touch means.
  3. Everyone stands up.
  4. Yell out "Touch blue!" The students run around the class and find something blue.
  5. When everyone has found something blue, point to what you found and ask them "What color is this?" and everyone should cheer "BLUE!!"

Go through the colors of the lesson.


  • Get a few of the students to yell out the next color for you.


  • Shapes. You can also play this game as "touch a shape".
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