If you are new to Japan, some of the things that your friends and colleagues do might seem a bit strange to you. But if you have been in Japan for a little while, you get used to some of these oddities. Are you turning Japanese?

These are some things that make Japanese daily culture different to what you may be used to. Have you adopted them, or do you still find them strange? Are you turning Japanese?

10 indicators you might be turning Japanese

  1. You immediately feel the need to take your shoes off when entering a building.
  2. Without thinking about it, you bow your head when meeting people.
  3. You say "sugoi!" ("great!") instead of the English slang, "sweet!"
  4. You get sushi cravings. (Often.)
  5. You drink green tea as if it's water.
  6. Driving on the left side of the road feels completely normal.
  7. You actually prefer to eat rice with chopsticks instead of with a fork.
  8. You have no issues whatsoever with going to a public bath.
  9. Eating raw squid doesn't seem at all strange or gross.
    And finally... drumroll, please...
  10. You can use a "squatty potty" as if it's natural!! (If you don't know, here's how to use one!)
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