In groups, students think up questions to ask the teacher. This is a great speaking activity to review recently studied grammar.

Basic Info

Time: 10 mins
Level: Junior high 1st grade
Works with: Do you eat sushi?
Class size: Medium to large

You will need:

  • nothing


  1. Students make groups.
  2. Students discuss which questions they will ask. (1 minute is plenty, as they will discuss throughout the game too.)
  3. ALT selects students from raised hands, students ask JTE questions.

Points: Give one point for a "Yes, I do." answer received.


  • In addition to each point earned for a "Yes." answer, award a point for each new verb (verb = 動詞 / どうし / doushi) used to encourage students to try asking more than just "Do you like ...?" questions. Write each new verb on the blackboard to keep track.
  • When a group asks it's second question, try to make sure it's not the same student as the first time. And second time, third, fourth.



  • This style of ask the teacher activity can be used with almost any questions directed at the 2nd person: Do you, What do you, Are you, Can you... etc.
  • You may also want to ask each group to write their question and perhaps the teacher's answer in their notebooks after the speaking is finished.


The great thing about these ask the teacher activities is that the JTE is also involved and students really do enjoy the chance to quiz their teacher.

This activity works well as a speaking review of Sunshine 1 Program 3.

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