• Actions - Stand Up, Sit Down

    This is a great way for the young students to expend all that excited energy - fair warning: you'll need a lot of energy too!

  • Big Ball Greeting

    This is a way to make the daily greeting more active, a great greeting activity for kindergarten English lessons.

  • Freeze Chanting

    The freeze game is a fun way to get the younger, energetic (or rowdy) classes to expend some energy while drilling new vocabulary. Chanting English with a lot of movement and "Freeze!" thrown in to challenge students.

  • Hungry Monster - A "How are you?" Game

    This is a quick little game for very young students that can be played every time you visit the class. It's a game where students get to run away from a monster (you) so they'll always be having an exciting time.

  • Newspaper Twister

    Newspaper twister gets kindergarten or young elementary students playing twister with numbers. Younger students have a blast getting tangled up and it is a good activity not only for English, but also to build balance and motor skills.

  • Song Time for Preschoolers

    Kindergarten kids love to sing songs, and song and dance is a great developmental tool for young children, so singing English songs in your English preschool lessons just makes sense.

  • Touch a Color

    Touch a color is a no prep color drilling activity perfect for younger elementary classes with extra energy. Your students will be running around the class touching different colors and yelling out loud.

  • Walking Numbers

    Pace out the numbers (as you would write them) while the class watches and guesses the number being "drawn".