• Student to Student Q & A

    A warm up that challenges students to think of questions, ask others and answer. Everyone has a chance to speak as each student must answer then ask the next student before they sit down.

  • Talk Around It

    This communication based activity is a very special kind of vocabulary review. Of course, there will be lackadaisical or even downright negative students but everyone else will enjoy the freedom of this quick, fun, and creative speaking challenge.

  • Teacher Interview Game: Do you...?

    In groups, students think up questions to ask the teacher. This is a great speaking activity to review recently studied grammar.

  • There is... There are...

    This activity gives students a chance to talk about things in their town or city. The format is somewhat malleable but the basic idea is that you use "are" to talk about some shops or landmarks in your town, then use "is" to talk about specific ones.

  • Tips for Giving Points in Elementary School

    Splitting the class into teams and giving points to create competition is a great way to get kids enthusiastic about an activity. Kids love competition. But there are some things to watch out for.

  • Using Trains - Communication Activity

    This is a lesson activity for the Junior High 3rd grade text book introduced in 2012. There is a part that deals with catching a train and asking for directions to catch a train somewhere. This activity gives the students a chance to have a go in a somewhat real world example.

  • What do you have?

    This game is all about using your poker face. And lying. And having fun of course. What do you have in your pencil case? Two pencils...

  • What is the Point of a Warm-Up?

    We often use warm-ups in class, whether teaching elementary, junior high or high school. A bad warm-up is no fun for teachers or students and can set a mood that's hard to shake. On the other hand, an effective warm-up that hits these three main points will set you up for a successful class that leaves students looking forward to their next English lesson with you.

  • What would you do if...

    This writing activity brings communication to pen and paper and really livens up reading and writing for students. In this activity, students provide scenarios for other students to react to. What would you do if...

  • Who am I? (I'm not ~.)

    This group or pair activity gives students the chance to use "not" while playing a guessing game.

  • Word Challenge Relay

    Each group tries to complete the English word challenge you give them by writing words that fulfill the requirements you set. For example - Six words ending in "e".