• Arrange a Sentence

    Giving the students the words and letting them arrange the sentence is an oldie but a goodie. This game adds some movement and the element of recall to make it more fun and competitive.

  • Conjunctions: And, But, Then, So

    This conversation class activity uses the four conjunctions (and, then, but, so) to join a series of past tense sentences. Doing this, students must create a story that describes a very ordinary day.

  • Have/Has Play/Plays - Listening Grammar Game

    When you get to the "have vs has" lesson with your 1st grade junior high school students, here is a nice game to give them lots of chances to think about which word is the appropriate one to use with each pronoun (I, He, She, They, etc).

  • Him/Her Grammar Warm-up Game

    Try this version of the translate game to review or practice using him/her with junior high 1st graders (from the Sunshine 1 textbook Program 7-2).

  • Itty-Bitty Translate Challenge

    This warm up has students reviewing recently studied grammar in a very focused way. One student provides the Japanese and the next, the English. Play it out in a quick-fire way and students get caught up and can really enjoy reviewing grammar this way.

  • Past Tense - Got up/ Wanted/ Lived

    This is a basic walking and talking activity using new English past tense for first graders in junior high. Download the excel spreadsheet and print out cards for the activity.