A full list of all games and activities

  • Parachute Team Challenge

    The parachute team challenge is a junior high English class warm up game but can also be used in elementary schools. The winner of each round remove a point from another team and the game ends when one team has no points left.

  • Past Tense - Got up/ Wanted/ Lived

    This is a basic walking and talking activity using new English past tense for first graders in junior high. Download the excel spreadsheet and print out cards for the activity.

  • Quiz - What do you call...

    This activity for your junior high school 3rd graders lets the students use the "We call her Alex." grammar to quiz each other on famous things and places. Group work makes the prep easy for everyone!

  • Reading Pictures (this, that)

    This activity uses images to help students practice using this (to specify something near) and that (to specify something some distance away). Because students draw the images themselves, they have a greater sense of ownership of the activity. Plus, it's just a bit of (quiet, creative) fun!

  • Relay Bingo

    Instead of just listening, students must run to get the numbers from you before returning to tell their groups. This adds physical action and speaking to the old classic English number lesson game.

  • Row Racing

    Row racing uses the rows of desk as groups and the element of competition to bring some excitement to new vocabulary or dialogue practice.

  • Similar Pronunciation Listening Challenge

    The Japanese language has fewer sounds (phonics) than the English language. So while some of the sounds are the same, there are a few that are new and a few that are hard for the Japanese ear to pick up. This game challenges students to listen for the difference in words that sound very similar.

  • Song Time for Preschoolers

    Kindergarten kids love to sing songs, and song and dance is a great developmental tool for young children, so singing English songs in your English preschool lessons just makes sense.

  • Student Name Bingo

    This activity can be used with basically any question answer dialog that students encounter in junior high English. The downside of this activity is that you're not really creating a real-use scenario. The upside is that you can do this any time and the mechanics encourage students to talk to many different people.

  • Student to Student Q & A

    A warm up that challenges students to think of questions, ask others and answer. Everyone has a chance to speak as each student must answer then ask the next student before they sit down.

  • Survey / Worksheet

    Using interview sheets is a great way to encourage students to speak to a large number of other students in their class, sometimes students they otherwise wouldn't normally speak to, using the target English language of the lesson. A benefit is that they get to learn about their classmates at the same time.

  • Talk Around It

    This communication based activity is a very special kind of vocabulary review. Of course, there will be lackadaisical or even downright negative students but everyone else will enjoy the freedom of this quick, fun, and creative speaking challenge.

  • Teacher Interview Game: Do you...?

    In groups, students think up questions to ask the teacher. This is a great speaking activity to review recently studied grammar.

  • Telephone Game

    The telephone game challenges students listening skills as the pass a message down the line via whisper. An elementary school classic that you may find repurposes well as an English activity.

  • There is... There are...

    This activity gives students a chance to talk about things in their town or city. The format is somewhat malleable but the basic idea is that you use "are" to talk about some shops or landmarks in your town, then use "is" to talk about specific ones.

  • Touch a Color

    Touch a color is a no prep color drilling activity perfect for younger elementary classes with extra energy. Your students will be running around the class touching different colors and yelling out loud.

  • Using Trains - Communication Activity

    This is a lesson activity for the Junior High 3rd grade text book introduced in 2012. There is a part that deals with catching a train and asking for directions to catch a train somewhere. This activity gives the students a chance to have a go in a somewhat real world example.

  • Vocab Practice with Bulrush

    Bulrush is a game your elementary students will love. It involves running, chasing and a bit of English and the best part is you can play it with them!

  • Walking Numbers

    Pace out the numbers (as you would write them) while the class watches and guesses the number being "drawn".

  • Wall to Wall Q & A Practice

    Wall to wall is an activity with the goal of helping your students speak up loud and clear if your English class is a little too quiet. Students try to speak to each other from two opposite sides of the classroom. It's not really a game - there are no points and no winners or losers, but it can increase confidence and help shy students.