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  • What would you do if...

    This writing activity brings communication to pen and paper and really livens up reading and writing for students. In this activity, students provide scenarios for other students to react to. What would you do if...

  • When is Christmas

    "When is Christmas?" is a natural extension to the Hi, friends! "When is your birthday?" lesson.

    As a younger ALT, I noticed students could ask and answer the birthday question fine, but didn't quite understand the "when" component of the question well enough to carry it over to a question like "When is New Year's Eve?"

  • Who Am I? - Card on Head Game

    This is an old party game, but it works well as a way to practice asking questions in the format "Am I...?" for conversation classes as an easy to prepare for game or warm up.

  • Who am I? - Question Game

    Who am I isn't really an activity more than it's a way to cap off a talking activity where students have been sharing information about themselves. Students need to recall what others have told them and they really have a lot of fun recognizing their classmates' from the information you give. Who am I?

  • Who am I? (I'm not ~.)

    This group or pair activity gives students the chance to use "not" while playing a guessing game.

  • Word Challenge Relay

    Each group tries to complete the English word challenge you give them by writing words that fulfill the requirements you set. For example - Six words ending in "e".