• Conjunctions: And, But, Then, So

    This conversation class activity uses the four conjunctions (and, then, but, so) to join a series of past tense sentences. Doing this, students must create a story that describes a very ordinary day.

  • No Answers Allowed

    No answers allowed is a great warm up for English conversation classes. It is quite an old game, and is sometimes a drinking game, but it can also work a conversation class starter game.

  • Similar Pronunciation Listening Challenge

    The Japanese language has fewer sounds (phonics) than the English language. So while some of the sounds are the same, there are a few that are new and a few that are hard for the Japanese ear to pick up. This game challenges students to listen for the difference in words that sound very similar.

  • Who Am I? - Card on Head Game

    This is an old party game, but it works well as a way to practice asking questions in the format "Am I...?" for conversation classes as an easy to prepare for game or warm up.