• Collecting Letters

    To practice the question and answer for "What do you want?", students exchange letter cards trying to spell out simple words. When a word is complete, points are earned.

  • Five of a Kind

    Five of a kind is a game where students try to collect five (or any number really) of the same card. It's a flexible template that can be applied in many different ways.

  • Letter Shuffle Word Hunt

    In this activity, students challenge each other to find the word (from a page with lots of words on it, ideally in picture form) with the hint being all the letters in the word, only shuffled into a random order.

  • Oshiri Moji (Butt Letters)

    This has to be the most fun I've had in an elementary English class, ever. A super fun way to help younger students get familiar with the shapes of the alphabet and get them moving their bodies at the same time.