Using interview sheets is a great way to encourage students to speak to a large number of other students in their class, sometimes students they otherwise wouldn't normally speak to, using the target English language of the lesson. A benefit is that they get to learn about their classmates at the same time.

Basic Info

Time: 10+ minutes
Level: Elementary grade 4 - 6
Works with: Dialogue (Q&A)
Class size: Medium to large

You will need:

  • To prepare an interview sheet.


  1. Everyone stands up, walks around and finds a partner.
  2. Play paper, scissors, rock (a.k.a. janken) to decide who goes first.
  3. Go through the dialogue writing the persons name and answer on the interview sheet. Swap roles and repeat (so both people get to be the interviewer).
  4. Say goodbye and find the next person to interview.


  • Even though the students will know each others names, you can make asking names part of the interview process. It may seem like a time waster but practicing the basics every chance helps make using them easier and more natural.
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