Volcanoes in Japan

Basic Dialog

Do you know Karen?

Yes, of course. We've been friends since last year.

So you know her well.

That's right.


  • Club talk
    This is a walk-and-talk activity where students explain what they've done/practiced* in their clubs lately. Students should think about what they've been working on and for how long.
    • What have you done* in club lately?
    • We've practiced spiking for about 2 weeks.
      How about you?
    • We've practiced shooting goals for 3 days.
    • Nice. Good luck. See ya!
    *GRAMMAR NOTE: To keep the grammar inline with the textbook, avoid answering in the form "We've been practicing...." as the textbook is using past-participles (kind of like past-tense verbs). Answer form should be "We've practiced...".

Basic Dialog

I'm planning to visit Kyoto this summer.

I've visited that city three times.

Really? I've never been to Kyoto.

It's a beautiful city.

Section 3

Section 3 from Sunshine 3 Program 2 is a reading comprehension focus section and skips the new grammar introduction usual in the Basic Dialog.

The main reading starts off describing mountains throughout Japan and further reading introduces some national world heritage sites.

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