A History of Vegetables

Basic Dialog

That's a nice picture. I really like it.

My father took it.

Where was it taken?

It was taken in Hokkaido.

Speaking Activities

  • Was is made in Japan?
    In this activity, students make pairs get a few things out of their desk or pencil case and lay it out on the table. They take turns guessing if something was made in Japan, China, etc and then informing where it was actually made.
    Note: The grammar on this one is focusing on irregular verbs so if you change it, make sure you avoid -ed past

Listening Activities

  • Introduce some items
    Pick a few things and introduce them to the class using the target grammar where appropriate. (You may want to create a worksheet, but it could be a "raise your hands" situation.) Ask students to raise their hands when they hear the phrases you've written on the board (which are things like "It was found in...." or "It was given to....").

Basic Dialog

What are you reading?

A book about the history of Okinawa.

The history of Okinawa?

Yes. I've already learned a lot about it.

Speaking Activities

  • The well prepared student
    You will need: small pieces of paper for notes. This is kind of a team vs team activity. Teams could be individual, pairs, or teams. You provide students with different scenarios. Eg. Study English, watch a movie, use a computer, etc. Teams have 1-2 minutes to think of what they need to do to prepare for this activity. These steps should be written on paper. Eg. open my book. After prep, the "attacking" team issue commands: "Please open your book." If the "defending" team have thought of and written that preparation down, they show it and their defense is successful. To apply the grammar, the defending team should say "I've already opened my book."

Basic Dialog

Have you finished your homework yet?

Yes, I have. How about you?

I haven't finished mine yet.

OK. Call me back when you've finished.

Speaking Activities

  • Have you seen ~ yet?
    In this walk-and-talk activity, students ask each other if they have seen a certain movie yet. Collect movie suggestions from students. To make the "yet" temporally appropriate, try to get suggestions of recent movies (as we wouldn't normally use "yet" when asking about a movie from a few years ago).

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