A Work Experience Program

Basic Dialog

What are your plans for the future?

I want to be a music teacher.

Do you want to sing with students?

Yes. Especially with children.

Warm Up

  • Give Them What They Want
    This game is great with elementary students but also works well in a junior high setting. Introduce the question "What do you want?" Ask students how to answer this question. Once you've got the answer (I write it up on the board), demonstrate the game with the teacher. Finally, hand out paper and let the students do the rest.

Speaking Activities

Basic Dialog

Did you go anywhere last Sunday?

Yes. I went to Tokyo to see my aunt.

What did you do there?

We went shopping.

Basic Dialog

Are you tired?

Yes. I want something to drink.

Sure. Here's some green tea.

Oh, thanks.

英語のしくみ 3

Speaking Activity

  • Describe and Draw: There is ~ on ~.
    Students describe an image item by item so their partner can draw it. The activity uses the sentence structure "The dog is on the table."

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