Gulliver's Travels

Basic Dialog

It's almost noon. I'm hungry.

There is a good restaurant near here.

Shall we go there?

Yes, let's.

Speaking (Review Games)

  • There is... There are...
    This activity lets students work in groups to describe features of their town/city. Different variations are available but recommended is variation 3 where groups first present a feature the town has multiple of (There are 11 convenience stores.) then all groups create comments about specific ones (There is one near the supermarket.).

Basic Dialog

I called you around six.

Sorry. When you called me, I was sleeping in bed.

Oh, were you? Were you sick?

No. I was just tired.

Basic Dialog

Do you have any plans for next Sunday?

Yes. If it's sunny, I'll go cycling with my brother.

I heard you bought a new bike!

Yes. Why don't you join us?

Writing Activity

  • What would you do if...
    In this communicative writing activity, students provide scenarios for other students to react to using the form "If        , what will you do?"

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