What can we do for others?

Basic Dialog

Don't eat snacks before dinner.

I know. But I'm hungry, Mom.

You must wait for dinner.

OK, I will.

Speaking (Review Games)

  • Explaining club rules
    Show students your interest in their club life and have them explain the rules of daily club attendance to you.

Basic Dialog

Can you come to Jane's birthday party?

Sure. Do we have to buy a cake for her?

No. We don't have to. Her mother is going to make one.

Great! I love her mother's cakes!

Speaking (Review Games)

Listening Activities

  • Comparing responsibilities
    Tell the students what you have to do in your country, and let them tell you what it's like in Japan. Listening, writing, and a small amount of talking. A great follow up to the Janken Losers game described above.

Basic Dialog

Let's meet at the station at 8 o'clock.

I think (that) that's too early for me.

How about 9 o'clock, then?

OK. I don't think (that) I'll be late.


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