Yuki's trip to the U.K.

Basic Dialog

Do you play shogi?

Yes, I do. My sister plays it too.


Listening Focus Questions

  • Yuki and Judy are meeting Matt. Where are they?
  • What does Matt like?
    (Follow up to successful answer - How do you know that? What did you hear?

Reading Activities

  • Play-plays Karuta - A grammar game
    This game has students listening to sentences and deciding if play or plays goes in the blank. It's played karuta style so you'll need to prepare cards for this one...

Basic Dialog

Does Kenji like English?

Yes, he does./ No, he doesn't.

Speaking Activities

  • Portrait Quiz - "Does she like ~?"
    A three stage activity that centers around a portrait students are given 5 seconds to draw. The hilarity of each portrait draws in the students and as self-consciousness fades away, the English starts flowing.

Basic Dialog

Does your father play any sports?

No, he doesn't. He doesn't like any sports.

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