A transfer students from the United States

Basic Dialog

Hi, I am Yuki.

Oh, you are Yuki. I'm Mike.

Speaking Activities

  • Biri-biri game (A.K.A. the name transfer game)
    To practice I am, students walk around and introduce themselves. (S1: "I am Yuta.") Then they shake hands and "change bodies". To practice you are (vs you is) students then point to each other and basically say You are me! (S1: "You are Yuta."). They continue by using and then passing on the name they just got.
  • Circle memory game ("You are/I am" version)
    In the cirlce memory game, each student says everything the previous student has said, then adds their own word. In this version, we remember everyone's names but use the appropriate grammar. e.g. "You are Takeru. You are Yuka. I am Minami."
    Do this with real names, any name from the class, or names of famous people (actors, pop stars, etc).
  • Puppet dialogs
    Students draw some original characters. Using the characters as puppets, students present the dialog from Sunshine 1, Program 2-1 in groups.

Basic Dialog

Are you a volleyball fan?

Yes, I am. /
No, I'm not. I'm not a volleyball fan.

Speaking Activities

  • Help a friend game
    To practice "Are you ~?". In pairs, students ask each other "Are you ~?" then draw something that will help their partner feel better.
  • Who am I? I'm not ~.
    This activity gives students a chance to use both "Are you ~?" and "I'm not ~." They change names within the group then guess who became who.
  • Group Questions
    Present some characters to the class. Either draw some on the board or print out some pictures. Introduce where those characters are from. Students then think of "Are you ...?" questions for that person.
  • Guess my profession
    This is just a very quick listening quiz you present to the students. Give the students some hints like "I like cooking. I cut vegetables. I make food." and the students guess your profession. For better participation, have students discuss their guesses with their neighbors before you check answers.
    This may work as a group activity with students presenting to other students, but due to the speaking skills needed for the quiz master role, maybe not.

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