A warm up that challenges students to think of questions, ask others and answer. Everyone has a chance to speak as each student must answer then ask the next student before they sit down.

Because this activity is student to student communication, and the question and answer is really only judged by the pair talking, you can see on their faces a sudden realization that they are really communicating and their perception of speaking changes from remembering rules and reciting by rote to thinking about what they are actually saying and half realizing they aren't talking about anything really but half shocked that they are speaking and truly using English.

Basic Info

Time: 10 minutes
Level: Junior high
Works with: Any question and answer
Class size: Small to medium


  1. Start the game by asking the teacher the first question. Say: "Mr Takamatsu, what did you eat for breakfast?" Sit down.
  2. The teacher asks a student, again, using their name: "Yukiko, have you ever been to Tokyo?" Then the teacher sits down.
  3. The students continue the pattern. The activity ends when everyone is seated.


  • If it is taking a while, or if it's a large class, start another thread (or two) of conversation with another student.
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