This activity uses images to help students practice using this (to specify something near) and that (to specify something some distance away). Because students draw the images themselves, they have a greater sense of ownership of the activity. Plus, it's just a bit of (quiet, creative) fun!

Basic Info

Time: 15 - 20 mins
Level: Junior high grade 1
Works with: This is my bag. Is that your bag?
Class size: Small to large

You will need:

  • Scrap paper
    (Alternatively, you could prepare a template, see image below)


Part 1: Prep

  1. Students make pairs, each pair gets a piece of paper.
    (Blank paper or copies of templates similar to image shown below.)
  2. If using blank paper, students now draw the template. (You'll have to draw it on the board for them to copy.)
  3. Next, students draw some items underneath the trees.

tree tree

Part 2: Interaction

  1. In pairs, students walk around and find another pair to chat with.
  2. Paper, scissors, rock. Winners show their paper.
  3. First student (from winning team) introduces one near item.
  4. Second student introduces one far item.
  5. Third student (from losing team) asks about one near item.
  6. Forth student asks about one far item.
  7. Interaction finished, find a new pair!


  • When you explain this activity, the best thing to do is demonstrate. Draw the image on the board and go through the speaking roles with the teacher.
  • To help students get through the speaking a little smoother, you can label the trees. The "this" tree and the "that" tree.


  • This activity will take some time. Get the students cracking on with the drawing.


This activity will take some time but it adds a creative and tactile component to using the terms this and that. It's a fun way to practice an unexciting but often used piece of vocabulary and is well worth the extra time.

This activity works well with Sunshine 1 Program 5 section 1.

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