This activity for your junior high school 3rd graders lets the students use the "We call her Alex." grammar to quiz each other on famous things and places. Group work makes the prep easy for everyone!

Basic Info

Time: 15 mins
Level: Junior high grade 3
Works with: We usually call her Alex.
Class size: medium to large

You will need:

  • scrap paper (or ask students to use their notebooks)


Students will be preparing quiz questions. It's the type of thing you might say when you've forgotten the name of something.
What do you call that big, famous mountain in Japan?

  1. In groups, students prepare their quiz questions. (Each student in the group uses the same quiz.)
  2. Students stand up, walk around, and make pairs with students from other groups.
  3. The first student recites the quiz sentence.
  4. The second student listens then guesses the answer.
  5. Change roles and repeat. Move to next pair.


  • Demonstrate with the HRT how you expect the interaction to go. Include extras like greetings, reactions, comments, etc.
  • Write a "fill in the blanks" sentence on the board for students to work off.
    E.g. What do you call ________ in _____. (But explain "in" can be substituted with "by", etc.)
  • Reiterate, before starting the interaction portion, that students should of course use greetings but should also try to use reactions and comments if they can.


Once you've tried this activity, you'll realize how powerful group preparation can be in getting an activity going. You'll also realize the mechanic of this activity can be applied to many different blocks of target grammar.

This activity works well with Sunshine 3 Program 5 section 1.

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