The below is a call for proofreaders from ALT Training Online.

Proofreaders needed for the upcoming free ALT training course

A couple of months ago I sent the call out for ALTs to co-author a module for an upcoming free ALT training course. Since then the ALT training website has gone from getting a few hundred hits a week to a few thousand – before the course even exists! Gratitude can’t be expressed enough, thank you for your commitment and spreading the word on this innovative teacher training initiative.

Please continue to keep visiting the site; read the author bios, share your comments in the community tabs, look at recommended reading on module pages and in the resources tab, and (for ALTs-to-be especially) ask questions about the job in the forum (we’re here to help ☺)-(ALTs that are in Japan, please keep checking the forum and answer questions, many minds are better than one) also - please start liking the Facebook page.

Call for Proofreaders

As modules are rolling in, final drafts are entering the final stages of editing - and these modules need ALTs, lecturers, researchers…….you!

…. if you have time to proofread a module, please write to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with the subject: Send me a module to check.

Please include:

  • Your name
  • For ALTs: How long you’ve been an ALT in months and years.
  • Where you currently teach: City/Town and Prefecture.
  • Where you are from
  • OR
  • For non-ALTs: Your current position, location and please comment if you were previously an ALT/how long for. Where you are from

You will receive two documents: the module as a pdf, and a proofreader’s word document to write your comments on.

You are being asked to:

- Proofread the module.

- Complete the reflection questions.

- And comment on the module.

Your responses to reflection question will go onto the website after the module has been thoroughly proofread and any final editing finalized. You will be notified when to do write your comments on the website.

Note: the deadline for modules is by the end of 2017, so you may be put on a waiting list to proofread a module later in the year.

Current and future ALTs will get a higher quality training course with your help. Your input is vital, and time doing this is very much appreciated.

Any questions, as ever just email them over.