This page is the privacy policy.


We will not disclose your email address to anyone unless we are required to by law. Email addresses are stored in our database. Note that if you provide an email address, other users may be able to contact you through this website.


The name used to attribute contributions to you will be your user name. You actual name will, along with all other data, be stored in our database.

IP address

Your IP address will be recorder when you leave a comment anonymously. Your IP address may also be recorded at other times.

Servers and Database

As of writing, we use shared servers to host We provide no assurance as to the security of those servers. Any "data" we collect about you is stored in our databases on those servers, and though this website is built on a popular, community built software platform that you can probably expect to have reasonable levels of security and encryption, we offer no assurance as to the level of that security or encryption.

Third Parties

We will not intentionally pass your data to third parties nor will we explicitly sell your data to third parties. However, we may use third parties to provide advertising and we offer no assurances as to how they behave. Please assume they are collecting as much data about you as they can.

Data Philosophy respects our visitors and contributors. We aim to act with integrity with regards to how we deal with your data. However, this website is a hobby-site, providing advice and help at a financial cost (advertising revenue currently does not cover hosting and domain costs) for the owner, not to mention the countless hours put in. Thus, we offer no assurances nor guarantees as to the security of your data, though we will do what we can.