This activity has students pairing up to say different numbers then confirm them by showing the numerals with their fingers. A simple activity where students teach each other.

Basic Info

Time: 2- 5 mins
Level: Elementary, grade 5 - 6
Works with: Numbers 1 - 100
Class size: Medium to large

You will need:

  • nothing


Preparing the students for this activity you need to show them how to show the numbers with their fingers. The technique is simply spelling out the number, digit by digit.

eg. For the number 59: say "fifty" and show 5 fingers with your right hand then say "nine" and show 9 fingers with your left hand leading (right hand a little lower or the 4 sub-fingers pressed to the palm of your left hand, Japanese counting style.

The main point is, numeral by numeral. For example, 51 could be shown with right and left hand simultaneously but it could be confused with 6, so right hand leading to show the first numeral, then left hand leading to show the second numeral.


  1. Students walk around and find a speaking partner. Paper, scissors, rock.
  2. The winner says any number 1 - 99.
  3. The PSR loser repeats the number while simultaneously showing the number with their fingers.
  4. Goodbye and repeat.


  • When teaching the students how to show the numbers with their fingers, first say and show the number together with the students, next, say the number without gesturing and check the students can still do the finger gestures, then start the activity.


  • As with any pair making activity, this one won't work so well in very small classes. See a variation below.


  • In very small classes, rather than making this a walk and talk pairing game, have each student come up and play the role of the teacher. You can join the students or supervise from the side.


This activity has students teaching students as the check each other's pronunciation and comprehension with repeating and confirming with finger gestures. It's simple but peer-to-peer teaching is a very effective educational tool.

This is one of several number games and activities. You may like to use this activity when teaching Lesson 1 from Hi, friends! 2.

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