Students are challenged with guessing what their speaking partner likes and matching it with something they like too. This activity is for studying "I like ~."

Basic Info

Time: 5 minutes
Level: Elementary, Grade 5, 6
Works with: Hi friends 1 Lesson 4: Do you like ~?
Class size: Medium to Large

You will need:

  • nothing...


  1. Students walk around and make a random pair. Do janken.
  2. The winner starts by asking their speaking partner "Do you like ~?". It should be something the winner themselves like so they can say "Me too!" if the losers answer is "Yes."
  3. The loser of janken replies either "Yes(, I do)." or "No(, I don't)."
  4. The winner, in response to "Yes." replies "Me too!" In response to "No." they reply "I see."

The reason for adding an extra response in this dialogue is to increase the level of communication in this common elementary school English lesson.

Without the final response, the student asking the question has no reason to listen to the answer. After their question of "Do you like ~?", there's no motivation to remain in English mode. Their speaking partner's answer requires no reaction from them so they can zone out. With the "Me too!" or "I see." response required, they now have to listen to the answer, comprehend and speak - saying the correct response.


  • It can help if students are already familiar with the "Me too!" response.
  • When explaining the conversation flow, write and draw the flow on the blackboard.
    Do you like ~?
    Yes(, I do). No(, I don't).
    Me too! I see.
  • Demonstrate with the students asking the teacher (with you) then responding to the teachers answer.





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