Hand out card to everyone so they can either make name tags, business cards or name plates that fold into a triangular shape and sit on each student's desk.

Basic info

Time: 15+ minutes
Level: Elementary grade 1 - 6
Works with: Studying "My name is ___"
Class size: Small to large

You will need:

  • Card, cut out to size.
  • Color pencils or similar for the students (they should have them already)

Lesson description

  1. Show your example card. If it's oversized and easy to see, that's good too.
  2. Explain what you have included. (ie. name, a picture of your hobby, decoration, etc)
  3. Hand out card.
  4. Help students write their name. For larger classes, the home teacher should assist too.


  • If you are making business cards, that will fit nicely into a walk and talk activity exchanging the business cards.
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