The make a snake game makes use of "paper scissors rock/janken" (which students love!) and has them walking around practicing simple English question and answer dialogue. Works in many different elementary lessons.

Basic Info

Time: 5 minutes
Level: Elementary grade 1-4
Works with: Dialogue practice
Class size: Medium to large

You will need:

  • A bit of space to move around

Lesson Description

  1. Clear the room by moving all the desks and chairs to the back or move to an open area.
  2. Students walk around and find someone to challenge. Paper, scissors, rock (a.k.a. janken) decides who asks the question (and who eats who).
  3. The students talk, then the student (or group) who lost janken gets "eaten" and stands behind the winner with his/her hands on the winner's shoulders (making a snake).
  4. The new 2 person snake walks around and repeats the process until the final battle between two very long snakes. The last challenge or battle determines the winning team.


  • Once you get to the end, if applicable, you can take some time and chat with the students using the dialogue they have just been using. Make the communication "real" by responding and asking a follow up question.
  • When asking and answering, everyone in the snake should speak together.


  • It's easy for the students who are not at the front of the snake to remain quiet and not join in the questioning and answering. When you explain or demonstrate, be sure to make it clear that everyone in the snake should speak. You can do this by making it the "snake head's" responsibility to check everyone is ready to speak - "SEI-NO!".
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