This is straight out of the elementary school textbook. Place an eraser in the middle then beat your partner to snatch it away and get a point.

Basic Info

Time: 5 - 10 minutes
Level: Elementary grade 1 - 6
Works with: Vocabulary sets
Class size: Any size



  1. Introduce students to the vocabulary set.
  2. Students make pairs. Place one eraser between the two students.
  3. Set a keyword.
  4. Call out the vocabulary and students repeat until you say the keyword, when they try to be the one to snatch up the eraser.
  5. Repeat from step 3.


  • The students enjoy this game but to keep it fresh and reusable (and it's a great tool), stop after about 5 or six keywords.


  • For smaller classes you can arrange the pairs in a line and have the winners of each round move up one and the losers move down one. The top winner and the bottom loser do not move.
  • A similar activity for younger students is freeze chanting.


  • When stronger students are paired with weaker students neither enjoy this activity. Watch out for it and move students around if necessary.
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