Up until recently I haven't really seen much of Japanese music, apart from the stuff we are blasted with in our daily lives. Up until recently, that is.

Until a couple weeks ago, I had the feeling live Japanese music didn't have the ability to really "rock it", till I went to an amazing concert that shattered that illusion. The music was LOUD, the crowd was (*almost*) jumping to the beat, and the atmosphere was alive!!

It wasn't a big show - it did have a few different bands/groups/dj's playing, and to keep it going, there were two stages, so for what it was it was pretty good. It really awoke my view of what is out there if you know where to look as far as Japanese music.

And then, a few days ago I stumbled across RADWIMPS! (I'm not shouting through text, that's just how they style their name.) Specifically I found a song called


Both are freaken awesome!!3

I know the fact that awesome music is alive in Japan may not be news to some people out there, but for people like me who have been ignorant to what is available behind the bright pink teeny J-pop that dominates Japanese music, and who haven't been to a good live show here, then be no the look out, get out, and try it! You might have to endure some not so amazing stuff on the way, but there is great music and rocking shows out there.

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