Here's a list of study tools that you have to try if you are serious about learning Japanese on your own.



Anki is a seemingly simple tool that is really quite smart that helps you study Japanese kanji whenever you want, on your smartphone or computer.

Android users get a free version, known as AnkiDroid

Apple users have a paid version, known as AnkiMobile

There is also an online version of ANKI, and versions for your desktop you can download whether Mac, Winows or Linux.

Read the kanji

Read the kanji is an online kanji study tool that is similar to ANKI but, in my opinion, better. Where ANKI makes you evaluate yourself, RTK makes you type in the answer so if you don't know, there's no cheating.

The downside is that it's really only usable with a full size computer as you need a keyboard. Visit the site -

Kanji books

Get to a bookstore and get some kanji books. One of the best for kanji beginners is Remembering the Kanji. It is interesting because it gives you a lot of extra information about the kanji that can help in remembering it. Do not underestimate the power of interesting!

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