This is a quick little game for very young students that can be played every time you visit the class. It's a game where students get to run away from a monster (you) so they'll always be having an exciting time.

Basic Info

Time: 5 mins
Level: Elementary grade 1-2
Works with: How are you?
Class size: 5+

You will need:

  • nothing


The only prerequisite for this game is a clear open space, so if your classes with young students happen in a desk and chair filled environment, you might want to change that. Or, you could have the students escaping through the desks.

  1. Students all ask together "How are you?"
  2. You reply "I'm sleepy.
  3. Optional: students can repeat your answer. Or they can do the gesture only. Or they can just proceed with asking again.
  4. Repeat until your answer is "I'm hungry.", at which point you turn into a monster and chase after the kids.


  • I never "catch" students but if you decide you want to, you'll have to decide what to do with them. Do they become the next hungry monster? If they do, you may have students trying to get caught. Do they have to stand in front of the class and answer the students' "How are you?" question before returning to the ranks?


This can be a great game to introduce during a "How are you?" lesson and bring back every following lesson as a warm-up.

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