In human bingo, each student is assigned a number, animal, etc and becomes a square in a bingo game. When all students in a group have been "crossed out", that team wins. You can use this game to practice various vocabulary sets, such as numbers, colors, animals, fruit, etc.

Basic Info

Time: 5 - 10 minutes
Level: Elementary grade 1 - 3
Works with: Vocabulary sets
Class size: Medium to large

You will need:

  • Nothing

Game Description

  1. Students make group of 3 ~ 5.
  2. Students choose (or are allocated) a word. Caution: no double ups within a group. Note: there should be more vocabulary words than the number of students in each group.
  3. When a word is called out, those students that chose that word sit down. (See tips for adding English speaking to this step.)
  4. When everyone in a group is sitting down, "BINGO!!"


  • Either call out the words yourself or point at/ slowly reveal the flash card and all students then say it in English before crossing it off.
  • When a student gets to sit down, optional is that their team mates should say "Hey apple, sit down!"


  • If you have precisely 14, 21 or 28 students in your class, you could make groups of 9 and the students are now the 9 squares on a bingo sheet and they can make real bingos. If you have one extra student, just pull them aside and let them take your role of the bingo officiator.


  • Bingo is generally a poor game for English lessons because it doesn't allow the students the chance to talk, except to call out bingo. Encourage using English by not calling out the next number till they ask a question ie."What number?" or "What _____ do you like?"
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