This game, just like the "What do you have?" game, is about using your poker face. It's very interesting to find out which students in your classes can look their classmates in the eye and lie with a straight face.

Basic Info

Time: 10 mins
Level: Junior high grade 1
Works with: How many CDs do you have?
Class size: small to large

You will need:

  • nothing


If you played the What do you have? game, explain that this game is a step up from that. Very similar, but we use a bit more English.

  1. Sitting in groups, students empty out of their pencil cases.
  2. One student takes a certain number of one type of thing and puts it back in their pencil case while the others have their eyes closed.
  3. Once ready, (just like last week,) the waiting students ask "What do you have in your pencil case?"
  4. The student with the pencil case answers "I have some pencils." (Students may start lying here if they wish.)
  5. The waiting students then ask how many. Once they have their reply, they indicate whether they think it's true or false.
  • What do you have in your pencil case?
  • I have some erasers.
  • How many erasers do you have?
  • I have 3 erasers.


  • Keep items to 5 max
  • Play this game as a follow up to the "What do you have?" game.


  • Make sure students stay on track and keep using English. When their team mates get over-excited and forget to use English, students can say "Sorry, English please!"



This game can be used with Sunshine 1 Program 4-3.

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