In this game, the teacher's pen (and other stationary) is missing. Luckily, the students know where it is and can direct the teacher to it.

Basic Info

Time: 10 mins
Level: Elementary grade 5-6
Works with: Where is ~?
Class size: Small to large

You will need:

  • To make sure the teacher understands what she has to do.


  1. Borrow a few items from the HRTs pencil case.
  2. With the HRT looking the other way, hide the stationary amongst the students' desks. (Or give to students to hold.)
  3. HRT asks "Where is my pen?"
  4. Students direct her to her pen. "Go straight, turn left, turn right. Here!"


  • When using this activity as part of Hi, friends! 2 Lesson 4, make sure the teacher understands "Go straight." means take one step forward and "Turn ~" is about rotating only and not advancing in that direction. It's important for their success in map activities that students have a consistent understanding of what each direction means.
  • In small classrooms with a large number of students you may want to leave them seated but if there is space, bring the students out of the desk area so the teacher can walk around easier.
  • After the teacher, you can also let students hunt for the stationary.


If you have 3 or so items, there is the added challenge for the students of remembering where you put what and they seem to get quite excited.

This activity works well as part of Hi, friends! 2 Lesson 4.

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