Review is an important part of learning. This list of review games and activities for the Hi, friends! 1 textbook lessons are quick and easy to do any time of year.

You can make reviewing an easy part of every lesson by using them first as a teaching tool, then as review in subsequent lessons.

Review activities for Hi, friends! 1

Lesson 1 Hello!

Lesson 1 is about greetings and introducing yourself. There are also international greetings.

Review lesson 1 with:

  • someone else's name activity
  • the teacher saying international greetings, the students remembering which country and trying the greeting themselves.

Lesson 2 I'm happy.

Lesson 2 is about replying to the "How are you?" question.

In every school I've taught at, this is part of the greeting at the start of every class. I assume this is that case at your school too and if not, why not implement it so students get daily review here.

Lesson 3 How many?

Lesson 3 is learning to ask "How many apples?" and answering.

Review lesson 3 with:

  • the "How many fingers?" game
  • students asking the teacher a few "How many ~?" questions they think of themselves. This is a really good follow up to the above game to reinforce the communication element of "How many ~?"

Lesson 4 I like apples.

In lesson 4 students say what they like and ask their friends if they like it too (or if they like a certain thing).

Review lesson 4 with:

Lesson 5 What do you like?


Lesson 6 What do you want?

Lesson 6 grammar changes from like to want. Students enquire about what others want and reply.

Review lesson 6 with:

  • Give 'em what they want game
  • The stationary shuffle

Lesson 7 What's this?

Lesson 7 has students asking the name and naming things using "What's this?"

Review lesson 7 with:

  • the "It's my stationary!" activity

Lesson 8 I study Japanese.

In lesson 8 we talk about the day's schedule with vocabulary including days of the week and subject names.

Review lesson 8 with:

  • a pair or group class schedule quiz

Lesson 9 What would you like?


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