In this activity, students decide how they are going to help the ALT. They discuss it and answers are written down. Great for a review warm-up focusing on using "I will ...".

Basic Info

Time: 10 mins
Level: Junior high grade 2
Works with: I will
Class size: small to large

You will need:

  • nothing


  1. Describe or act out a scenario. (See scenario ideas in Tips below.)
  2. Students discuss in pairs what they will do.
  3. Call on a few pairs to tell you what they will do. Students should say "I will ..."
  4. Decide the best action and write it on the board. The whole class should write this down in their writing notebooks
  5. Continue with a new scenario.


  • You can use scenarios like:
    • You are very hungry. (Maybe you are visiting a student's house at the time so you could act out ringing a doorbell, etc.)
      Potential answer: "I will cook curry."
    • You are sad. You have lost your dog. (The scene starts at a park. You randomly meet a student, so act out a surprised hello and tell the student your dog is gone!)
      Potential answer: "I will look for your dog."
    • You are embarrassed. You forgot your wallet. (The scene is at the ticket counter so start with a cheerful "Let's go to the movies!". Act out ordering a ticket then "Oh no! No money!")
      Potential answer: "I will give you money."


During this activity, students were really engaged in the scenarios and enjoyed thinking about how they would react to them. There was a bit of horseplay as you might expect and during the missing dog scenario students really enjoyed telling me "I will go home." instead of helping me. It was great fun and the JTE was standing on the side laughing along with the class so a big win for everyone.

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# 2017-09-17 07:23
And as always with this type of activity, try it out with you leading it, then hand it over to the students to do themselves.
In this case, you could set groups to deciding a scenario where they need help, then they present the scenario to the class and other groups try to respond.

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