This activity gives students the chance to use "Are you ~?" in a real use situation. It's a fun activity where students get to hear the problems another student has and creatively provide a solution.

Basic Info

Time: 10 mins
Level: Junior high, grade 1
Works with: Are you ~?
Class size: Small to large

You will need:

  • blank paper
    (A4 cut into 6 is about right)


Hand out 1 piece of blank paper to each student.

  1. In pairs, the first student gestures that they are either hot, cold, sleepy, or hungry.
  2. The second student confirms by asking "Are you hungry?" (Repeat until correct.)
  3. The second student then draws something to comfort the first student.
    (e.g. If hot, a cold drink; if cold, something warming; etc.)

Change roles and repeat.


  • Demonstrate this pair activity to best help students understand what to do.


  • If you use gestures, it's likely the students will guess in one go. This limits how many chances they have to ask "Are you ~?" If you prefer to have the students repetitively ask the question, drop the gesture and just make it a guessing game from the start. However, the main aspect of this activity is that the students get to use the language as opposed to just speak the words, which may justify the lack of verbal output.


This activity can be used with 1st grade junior high students in Sunshine 1 Program 2-2. It gives students a chance to use the language in a realistic way. 

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