This fun Halloween activity idea for elementary English classes isn't so much about studying and practicing English as it is about sharing culture and just having a fun lesson. When planning a lesson, I'd save this for the end as a "reward" for completing the earlier part of the lesson.

Basic Info

Time: 15 minutes
Level: Elementary grade 1 - 6, Easy
Works with: Halloween lessons
Class size: Any size

Activity Description

  1. One student from the class or from each group needs to be selected (see tips below)
  2. The selected student gets wrapped from head to toe in toilet paper.
  3. Get the class teacher to take some photos of everyone/each group posing with their mummy.


For deciding who gets wrapped

  • Probably all the students want to be wrapped up like a mummy, but the amount of toilet paper you have to use can start to get ridiculous (especially if you have 5 or 6 classes all wanting Halloween lessons). Try playing a game during the first half of the lesson and the winner gets to be wrapped.
  • Another option - let the kids know at the start of the lesson there will be a special prize for a good effort such as speaking loud and clear, having fun, etc (write names on the board for good effort, put stars next to their name, etc).
  • The other option is just make groups, and each group wraps one mummy and they select who they want to wrap via janken (paper, scissors, rock).

For supplying the toilet paper

  • The school should have a good supply of toilet paper. See if you can use their T.P. (But you might need a backup plan in case they don't agree to give you the T.P.)


  • If you plan to let many students get mummified, the toilet paper usage can get quite high.
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