Guess the number is a fun game, useful for practicing numbers one to one hundred. The good thing about this game is it gets the kids to think of the numbers they want to say in English.

Basic Info

Time: 10 minutes
Level: Elementary grade 3 - 6, Easy
Works with: Numbers
Class size: Small to medium (but usable in large classes)

You will need:

  • The class blackboard and chalk

Lesson Description

Guess the number

  1. Set up the blackboard by writing a question mark in the middle. To the left, write zero with and arrow below it pointing to the question mark, and write 100 on the right with an arrow pointing left. (See the black writing in the image above.)
  2. Think of a number between 0 and 100 (obviously not 0 or 100) and the students start guessing.
  3. If your secret number is 82 and the first guess is 50, then write 50 next to zero with an arrow pointing toward the question mark. (See the gray writing in the image above.) The students can now see your number is bigger than 50, smaller than 100.
  4. Keep going until someone gets your number, then trade places with them and they should think of a secret number.


  • To make this competitive, divide the class in half. Choose a student from the left side, then the right side, and so on.
  • Often the quieter students will be a bit hesitant to put their hands up and have a go. Get them involved by picking a few kids who don't raise their hands to go next.


  • The students guessing are usually ok saying the numbers in English but the student at the board with the secret number can often have trouble understanding, and the class will tell him/her in Japanese. Try to discourage this, give the student time to think. Try getting the audience to say the word, the student at the front to repeat and use fingers to confirm the number and then write it up. If you do it this way during your turn, then everyone can see how it is done.

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