Being able to answer any "How do you ...?" question requires many different grammar forms. This activity let's students practice asking the single form question without getting bogged down in the grammar of all the possible answers.

For example, "How do you come to school?" (as seen in the Sunshine junior high textbook) can be answered using "By bike." or "By car." If you walk, it's a new grammar form. "I walk." If the question changes, "How do you wash your hands?", the form of the answer also changes. "With soap." or "With hot water." Another "How do you ...?" would require still another form to answer. This activity removes that burden and lets the students reply in gesture.

Basic Info

Time: 10 mins
Level: Junior high / grade 1
Works with: How do you come to school?
Class size: small to large

You will need:

  • nothing


  1. Students walk around and find a speaking partner.
  2. The first student asks a question (from a list on the blackboard). Eg. "How do you eat natto?"
  3. The other student answers by saying "Like this." and shows how with a gesture.
  4. From there, they either switch roles and repeat, or say goodbye and find a new speaking partner.


  • Provide a list of "How do you ...?" questions. Put them up on the board. Initially, give a couple then ask for suggestions from students and the HRT. Some examples below.
    • How do you eat onigiri?
    • How do you eat natto?
    • How do you watch TV?
    • How do you watch YouTube?
    • How do you play table tennis?
    • How do you make sushi?
    • How do you make nori-maki?
    • How do you style your hair?
    • How do you wash your hands?
    • How do you wash dishes?
    • How do you wake up?
    • How do you tie your shoes?
    • How do you shuffle cards?
  • Let the students practice asking you a couple of questions first, and show them how to answer.
  • Encourage students to respond to gesture answers with a comment. Eg. Nice, cool, wow, good gesture, me too! Include this in your explanation/ demonstration.


This activity works well as a review of a "How do you...?" lesson, like the one in Sunshine 1 Program 8-3.

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