This communicative activity targets "You look ~." and students start by drawing faces or stick figures with clear "emotions". These faces then talk to each other. Don't want to deal with paper? See Variations below.

Basic Info

Time: 10+ mins
Level: Junior high grade 2
Works with: You look really cool.
Class size: Medium+

You will need:

  • scrap paper (if you go with the drawing version)


  1. Hand out the paper.
  2. Students draw a stick figure with a clear posture and facial expression (or similar).
  3. Students find a partner follow the dialog pattern (see below).
    Final part of dialog is completely free - mistakes are no problem here!
  • Hello. You look tired.
  • Yes, I am. (/ No, I'm happy.)
  • Why are you happy?
  • Because I went to bed at 11pm.


  • As usual, demonstrate this game rather than explain it for best results.


  • Paper free option - instead of students using stick figure caricatures, they simply give exaggerated gestures instead.


To be honest, I had some misgivings about this activity before trying it. I thought it would be too simple and overall, a bit boring. In the end, the students actually quite enjoyed the activity. Some students made it funnier by going with obviously wrong guesses which was very funny when doing the paper free version of the game.

This game works really well as part of Sunshine 2 Program 7 Section 2.

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