English games and activities for ALTs teaching elementary classes.

This has to be the most fun I've had in an elementary English class, ever. A super fun way to help younger students get familiar with the shapes of the alphabet and get them moving their bodies at the same time.

The telephone game challenges students listening skills as the pass a message down the line via whisper. An elementary school classic that you may find repurposes well as an English activity.

The circle memory game is a way to practice new vocab or short phrases in a group in a fun and challenging way. The main challenge is trying to remember everything that has been said so far!

In this activity, students challenge each other to find the word (from a page with lots of words on it, ideally in picture form) with the hint being all the letters in the word, only shuffled into a random order.

This is a quick little game for very young students that can be played every time you visit the class. It's a game where students get to run away from a monster (you) so they'll always be having an exciting time.