Here is a list of activities useful for practicing various dialogues when you can't think of a game that imitates the real life use of that target language.

These games/activities are good to use in elementary schools when you have a basic question and answer dialogue you want the students to practice and want to make it a bit more fun than repeat, repeat.

Activities for practicing dialogue

Row racing

Race down the rows of desks using dialogue between students. First row for everyone to speak wins.

See the full description of row racing

Interview sheets

Using interview worksheets, set the goal for students to walk around and communicate with their classmates.

See the tips on making and using worksheets in English class.

The bomb game

The bomb game adds the thrill of a countdown to practicing dialogue in groups.

See the full description of the bomb game.

Best time challenge

Rather than making groups compete against each other, let the class compete against themselves in a time challenge.

See the full description of the best time challenge

Wall to wall (speak up challenge)

After practicing the dialogue, this activity will challenge them to speak up loud and clear.

See the full description of the wall to wall challenge.

Make a snake

Students practice the dialogue then challenge each other with "paper, scissors, rock" to see who eats who.

See the full description of make a snake.

These are a few games that are suited to practicing English dialogue in elementary school, but be sure to check out our full list of English activities and games for ALT's and anyone else teaching English in Japan. 

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