Students challenge their partner to see who can say the most things. The person who can't think of something to say within 5 seconds loses and the game is over.

Basic Info

Time: 2 mins
Level: Elementary, grade 5 - 6
Works with: I like, I don't like
Class size: Small to large

You will need:

  • nothing


  1. Students walk around and find a speaking partner. Paper, scissors, rock.
  2. The PSR winner starts by saying the first word or sentence. (eg. "I like apples.")
  3. The loser takes the next turn. They cannot repeat what has already been said. (eg. "I like peaches.")
  4. If there is a pause, the student waiting starts a 5 second countdown. If they get to zero, game over.
  5. Once the challenge finishes, find a new partner and repeat.


  • Set the rules for what can/should be said clearly by explaining and demonstrating with the HRT. Intentional mistakes during the demo show rule boundaries clearly. eg. When students should be talking about colors: "Blue", "Green", "Apple"... "Is apple OK?"
    eg. When students should be talking about fruit they like; "I like bananas.", "I like melon." "Strawberry."... "What's missing? - 'I like strawberries' is OK, only 'strawberries' is not OK."
  • You may want to cycle through different categories - 1 minute on colors, 1 minute on fruit, 1 minute on animals, etc.
  • Level up: students should also say "Me too." if they think the same as what their partner said. This pushes students to listen and comprehend the language they are using.


  • The response is perhaps the hardest part, so making this more difficult should only be attempted with confident students.


This activity can be used any time once students know some vocab but fits very well with Lesson 5 from Hi, friends! 1.

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