A classic for practicing numbers is the count around the circle game. Easy in concept, but because students tend to learn numbers once then not have much chance to use them after that, they fall out of practice. For that reason, count around the circle is also a good review warm-up for any lesson with many variations.


Basic Info

Time: 5 minutes
Level: Elementary Grade 4 and older
Works with: Numbers, counting
Class size: 4+

You will need:


Lesson Description

  1. Put students into groups of about 4 ~ 8.
  2. The first student says "one", the next say "two" and so on, going around the circle.
  3. First team to get to 100 wins.


  • Warm up to this game by quickly going through the numbers 0 ~ 10, then up to 100 in multiples of 10, then a few random numbers.
  • Set a time limit. Whoever finishes first wins, but if no one finishes, then whichever team got the highest in that time is the winner.


  • Add black out numbers to make it trickier. Instead of saying the number, for example - any multiple of 7, the student must clap. If they say it, the group must start again from one.
  • Instead of clapping for the blackout numbers, have the students say the number in Japanese.
  • Instead of going around the circle, have students say the number and simultaneously point to the next student. Pointing is random.


  • If you set black out numbers by multiples, make sure the multiple is not the same as the number of kids in each group or it will be the same kid clapping every time.
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